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Characters: the adventurous, the dad, the vegetable, the cool girl..

And Blair.

whats so wrong with blair?/lh

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Someone else just fall for Blair so bad? Like, is scorpio like me, but damn, they hot.

Anyway, you know when a game is AMAZING when they put a playlist for each character. Never regret, freaking love this game.


this looks awesome!! i will definitely play this at some point but the laptop i use for visual novels is on linux because i wanted to try it out and don't have a usb stick to get it off-

ANYWAY YES this is likely gonna be so cool cannot wait

i will likely update my comment when i've played it


this game is so cute and was really fun to play :) xaea is so lovely, can't wait to see more of her and the others !!! sending looooots of love and hugs 


I love Ace so much

cute game <3!! is there a walkthrough/guide for it anywhere?

i mean if someone wants to make one sure but from my knowledge i dont think theres any


yoo- i'll make one, idk if people still need it or someone already did but eh why not :D

 i dont want to see like a bother but i really want to play this game but this is whats happens like it say performance warning like i dont know what to do?do u maybe know what i should do like if i press change render option well i dont want to mess up stuff

I'm not really sure what a performance warning is for games but the game doesn't have [at least from what i know] anything that needs to be rendered so it all should be fine

I LOVED THIS GAME SM!!!! the art and the characters are both so cute.. it was really fun to play I wish the game was a little longer tho


this is such a cute game!! love my little bug pals <3 





XAER AND I ARE BDAY BUDDIESS!!! :)) (also loved the game aaaaa)


I love the game I like the story and the character designs but one tiny problem when Blair calls you up the stage I see this I Am not complaining or anything I just want to let you know :)


Oh gosh, I'm so glad to have gotten the recommendation to play this. Bug Dates is absolutely adorable, and it's fascinating how you managed to create such unique characters to choose to date.

I honestly had a hard time picking just one, and boy golly, I'm so glad to hear that we're going to be getting more out of this Universe soon enough.

this game was so dang CUTE thank you for making it i loved  it!!! i would die for ace lol <3


This game is SO CUTE and wholesome, I've only played one good end but boy was it sweet! I'm gonna play the whole thing though which mean I will have to bad ends soon, oooh nooo, but the ART is so beautiful and the characters are great! You've all done a wonderful job and I can't wait to play more! I will put part one of my playthrough here, I'd love for you to see it when it uploads!


the spider woman and roach boi are so hot fr



all jokes aside, I like how wholesome the good endings are :)) 
I didnt go for the bad endings-- but yeah- I like it! :D 


I just played this game and it is the cutest most wholesome thing I have ever played I love it so much ❤

This was such a cute game!! I wish we could spend more time with the love interests, but it was great nonetheless.


oh oh I actually do plan on making the routes longer in the future

Very well executed concept and super adorable as a bonus!! A++

This game was so sweet! And all the bug dates were really cute.


love love love love this game :)

I LOVE LOVE  IT TO what is your name